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Friday, October 12, 2012


(Chapter no-40)


Assalam oalaikum,

In the field of amilyat the word rajat refers to insanity. It is a critical condition in which a person is unable to think normally.
In the world of amalyat a person can be trapped in such a pathetic state due to some reasons such as not maintaining parhez jamali and jalali during an amal.
In the concluding chapter of this blog I shall discuss the topic of rajat in detail.
You might have often heard of certain novice amils who start performing some chilla but end up falling sick or becoming lunatic.
Here is an example which will make it clear that an amil has to strictly adhere to certain rules to be successful in this field.

While making a hakimi medicine for curing indigestion you may have the information that the ingredients to be used are: black salt, Lahore salt, piper longum, anacylus pyrethrum, saussurea lappa, cuminum cyminum, ferula asafetida and citrus lemon extracts.
However, if you have no idea about the amount of ingredient to be used, the medicine can turn out to be harmful instead of beneficial.

Now if you try to find out the right proportion of each ingredient you may have the following list: black salt: 0.1200 gm, Lahore salt: 0.0560 gm, piper longum: 0.0520 gm, anacylus pyrethrum: 0.0120 gm, saussurea lappa: 0.0100 gm, cuminum cyminum: 0.0300 gm, ferula asafetida: 0.0010 gm and citrus lemon extracts: 0.0180 gm.
Each tablet will have the weight of 0.2990 gm.

Now you have the medicine which has been prepared with the right proportion of ingredients but you do not know about the dosage which will be beneficial for you. So you enquire about the dose which is to be taken daily and the number of days till the medicine is to be continued.
So according to the prescribed dose you start taking a tablet twice daily till a period of one weak in order to improve your digestion.
However, if you start taking the same medicine 4 times daily and instead of a week, you take it till two weeks then it is quite certain that the same medicine will lose its effectiveness and it will cause more harm than good.
Or else you take the medicine according to the prescribed dosage but you do not abstain from excessively oily and spicy food, then also the medicine will not work for you.
Likewise in the field of amalyat also certain norms are to be followed.
Firstly, the amal should be decided according to your requirement.
Secondly, the auspicious time for doing the amal should be found out with the help of ilm-e-nujum.
Thirdly, the amal should be done for a specific number of days according to the fixed amount of the amal.
Lastly, fragrances/ incense sticks should be lighted punctually and the required charity should also be given along with the parhez.

I believe that the reasons why rajat happens which makes a sane amil turn into an insane person are as follows:

Neglecting parhez jalali and jamali
Doing jalali amals casually /carelessly
Starting an amal without seeking for permission from your ustad/ teacher. Seeking the permission of your teacher is of utmost importance before performing an amal.
Asking the moakkils to do illicit errands for you.
Doing an amal at an unhygienic, smelly place. Even your own body should not have a stinking smell otherwise the moakkils get enraged.

NOTE: The hakimi medicine has been only discussed as an example. It is not meant to be prepared.

After completion of this course it is important to learn Ilm-e- nujum .
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Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum, am starting with praying to person reading this massage that may Allah grant him will jannatul firdaus, Amen. The purpose of writting this massage is a long story, but i wll take it in brief. In our family there is a part that is controled by black magick and evil people, and we dnt knw who is doing such things. I start going through ur blogs and i discover that there wll be way out insha Allahu rabbi. The purpose is i wnt to become an Amil kamil in oder to fight with evil people an get a rid of Black magick that are controlling us, in ur blogs, there is an Arabic Alphabets that ar very tiny in size and i cn't specify them for example u listed the relationship b/w planets inoder to knw wich time is good for casting a spell, so the Alphabet ar tiny if u dnt know them b4 u can't identify what is writting their. The must important issue is i wnt u to give me a compleat Amil book in english that will guide me in becoming a successiful Amil
to save innocent people, my family and I my self from black magic and evil peopl. No doubt you ar doing this job to get a reward from Al-hayyu Al-Qayyum (ALLAHU AHAD). For the sake of him alone please and please help me with my needs to bcome an Amil and the book of any kind of spell that wll Guide me. Please and please, i repeated again for the sake of Allah, i wnt u to consieder my request as an important request, save somebody and Allah wll save u in the day of(firrulmar'u min akhi, wa ummihi wa abi wasahibatihi wabani) and Allah will grant u with Jannatul firdausi by saving people that u dnt even knw, see them onece in ur life time and insha Allahu we wll meet in jannatul firdausi, may Allah combine us both Amen. Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Anonymous said...

I want to learn amliyat to you
kindly inform me about the Process
Best Regards


kashif said...


I want to do any Amal to become amil of anything but don't know which Amal will give me success

Anonymous said...

assalam-o-alaikum brother,

I came across your contact details on some amil websites. My inquiry is I am interested in becoming an amil but do not know how to or who to approach, I would be grateful if you would guide me in the right direction.

I look forward to your response.


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