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Friday, October 19, 2012



(Chapter no- 2)

Assalam oalaikum,

The first step towards becoming an amil is to learn about the Huruf taji, which is the base of amalyat. Huruf taji are those huruf that are found in the ama para. The entire Holy Quran is based on these 28 huruf. The moakkils are inter-related with these huruf. Each huruf has a different moakkil working behind it. When the amil recites a particular huruf the moakkil related to that huruf springs into action, thereby making the amal successful. So you should give zakat for these 28 huruf so that the associated moakkils may help you and your amal becomes successful.
These moakkils protect the amils from rajat or punishment. You may have seen or heard about people who start doing an amal recklessly and end up losing sanity. They roam about mindlessly on the roads because they take amalyat casually. There are some precautions that need to be taken by the amil so that he does not get into trouble.
Huruf taji’s zakat should be given compulsorily because this is the first step towards getting success in this field. If you falter in your first step itself then the journey ahead will become impossible.

Now I am going to tell my readers about the names of the moakkils associated with each huruf in Huruf taji.

If a person wishes to perform an amal of any huruf from alif-ghaen and wants to bring the moakkil behind that huruf under his command, he will have to complete that huruf 1,25,000 times in 28 or 41 days.
During the amal you need to isolate yourself completely.
Eat less and observe parhez/abstinence jalali and jamali.
Do not talk with anybody till the amal gets over. If there is some urgent need then you may write.

If you bother to take so much trouble once in your life then the need for doing an amal again will not arise. The moakkil will obey your command and will come to you whenever you are in need. You will get the authority of granting others permission of doing an amal. You should keep in mind that you can have only your legitimate demands fulfilled by the moakkils. The moakkils do not do anything evil.
When the moakkil appears before you after your amal gets completed, keep your demands before him. First of all he will wish you with a salaam. You should reply to him only if you have completed your recitation 12500 times. If some recitation is still left, then you should simply reply to him by nodding your head or with a gesture made by your hand. You should not say anything in reply. The moakkil will continue to wish you with a salam repeatedly but all you should do is to acknowledge his salaam respectfully through a gesture. This will ensure that he does not get miffed and does not leave in a huff.  
You should finally reply to him after having completed the amal. He will then enquire about the reason why you have called him. You should tell him about your need. For example, you can say that you have called him so that he may fulfill all your legitimate demands throughout your lifetime.
Remember that the moakkils are angels made up of Noor. They do not sin and therefore they will never co-operate with an amil who asks them to do something evil. They can also get enraged and punish an amil who tries to make them do something illegitimate. The amil can lose his senses and go mad. 
The moakkils are quite formidable. Once when I asked a moakkil to kill a jinnat the latter almost fell at my feet and pleaded for forgiveness. He said that he cannot compete with a moakkil because they are 10000 times more powerful than us. This incident can give you an idea about the immense power of the moakkils/angels. So finally I had to release the jinn.
You will always have to abide by the terms and conditions on which you make an agreement with the moakkil. If you deviate even a little bit the moakkil can punish you and the punishment given by them can be unbearable. Those amils who manage to rope in a moakkil get immense power. The whole world is at their feet and they get to know of things which are generally hidden from others. In a nutshell, they get a lot of advantage. So they should never violate the conditions on which they make an agreement with the moakkils. This will also protect the amils from severe punishment.
The zakat is given for each huruf of huruf Taji in the following way:

There are two ways in which the zakat for huruf Taji can be given by an amil, namely- zakat akbar and zakat asghar. In zakat akbar a huruf should be read 4444 times till 38 days, daily.
In the zakat asghar the zakat of 1 huruf should be given daily and in 28 days give the zakat of the 28 huruf. Each huruf should be read 4444 times daily. The zakat of alif will be given when the moon will be in its first mansion. The lunar mansions should be taken into consideration while giving the zakat of each huruf. The Moon takes 28 days to complete 1 revolution around the earth and it has 28 mansions. The zakat of a single huruf can be given in one month. It is not necessary to give the zakat of 28 huruf in one month’s time.

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Anonymous said...

As-Salaamu 'Alaikum akhi. I was wondering if you would be able write the names and such in english trasliteration because i cannot read Arabic without the vowels.If you were able to I greatly appretiate it. Jazakallahu khair habibi, As-Salaamu 'Alaikum

Anonymous said...

May his almighty Allah bless you for all the work you have been doing for us-your fellow muslims. Iam writing from Dar es salaam Tanzania,i am highly inspired to perform several aamaliyat but unfortunately iknow no one who can guide me in my way..and according to your advice som aamals are not adviced for the new practitioner (Amil) alone without a guiding practitioner (Aamil kamil). May you please guide me by answering these few questions insha allah

1....Can i perform the aamal here in Tanzania with you standing as my guider(aamil kamil)?
2.....Do you know any amil kamil here in TZ that can guide me in sha allah.

Please give prior consideration to my concern as i am really serious with this kind of ilm and practice. I have been learning a lot of things through your blog and i have changed my life a lot because of you especially through following your guidance on meditation. Allah bless you akhy. If you know any aamil closer to TZ i won't hesitate to devote part of my time and finance for acquiring such wealthy ilm insha allah. I am looking forward to hearing from you akhy. Assalaam alayka.

Anonymous said...

Asalamu alaika,
Am muhammed from west africa ghana,i want to thank you for your efforts to share and teach your knowledge about taweez,zodiac sign etc,on the internet may allah shower and favours you with his bounty bless.
I always spent my time reading your posts and teaching and it has benefited alot,but there. Is one part which i need you to really help me with a clear explanations and teachings,and is about how to get two who are abi and atishi to love each other,you did show a method of making two amals and using the month and time of sun rise,thats the method i need you to please teach and how to identify the time,how the amals is done,or if you can help me some taweez and amulets that i can use to create love between them.the names will you use the its first letter or is the Gafar first letter.thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

tariq said...

Slaam ive read your blogs with great interest. Could u plz become my teacher and help me complete the amal plz.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Asalam alikium brother I would like to become an amil and I want to help people as my mother has been through alot people doing stuff like black magic on her and I want to stop that and help people. So please contact me my ustad told me about this and he said you need to make a cricle and sit inside it and read surat jinn and when it is around 30 times a jinn will come in different shapes or so and it will test you. So please help me. Jazakallah khair. Brother Mohammad.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum
If someone want to become an amil kamil to fight against black magicians and their satans with the help of most powerfull jalali angels and mohtaroon angels or with the help of Isme azam that Allah taught to suleman (alaisalam) to kill the black magicians and their blackmagic jinns ,can he become

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

I write to thank you for the great things you are doing. May Allah bless you in ths good course. Also, i realize that you have deeper knowledge of this field and i am interested in knowing more.

I would be very grateful if you could kindly teach me about this knowledge.

WASALAM. I wish you well in all your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikum
I like to become an Amil can u please grant me permission to do Aamal to become an Amil and method to perform.
Syed Hussaini

Anonymous said...

Aslm brother , how r u? I want to become an amil wil you please help me?

raja said...

AOA sir i want ur help im student will u please

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,
Hope you are fine and enjoying the each and every pleasure moment of your life.I want to learn some thing and know some thing. I want your help regarding your website and rohani amliyat.Please give me your contact number.

Anonymous said...

dear prof. please i need your help as tobecome amil kamil most especially on hamzad

ali said...

Asalamo Alaikum

since you are a Amil Kamil , is there a Amal you would suggest for beginners ? I am in sha Allah going into Khalwat next month in my home and would like easy amal with directions for zakat, that dont require heavy abstinence or fasting, so i dont make any mistakes and dont go crazy from upsetting muwakils.

what can i say during the day to help my Batin? i will have a lot of time during the day and night. what should i do for hizar? i live in small apartment an sleep in the same room i pray in an do amals in.
JazakAllahu Khayran, your brother in Islam. i am sorry for any bad adab / forgive me

hussain said...

assalamalaikum.I want to tell you that I want to learn amliyaat.Kindly suggest me a teacher(amil)

shahzad said...

I get alot info from ur would u favour me in futur in amlyiat
field?i want to know about zaicha and najam ulom in detail.also abt
abjad to diagose patient jadu,aseb,nazar and other things.plz do
reply.would u give ur cell numbr and whatsapp numbr and call
timing.shahzad pakistan

haris said...


Sir i need to Learn Amliyaat
i have visited Your most informative Blogspot
May Allah Give you happiness in Life and after

Kindly reply me i need to Learn Amliyaat
Whats the Process
i am SYED and from LAHORE Pakistan
my Age is 30

Awaiting your kind reply


Anonymous said...

plz upload muwakil names in English

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