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Thursday, October 18, 2012



Assalam oalaikum,

I shall be discussing Isma-e-husna here. Sometimes in amalyat it is essential to know about the related Isma-e-husna of the first huruf of a name. For example if an amil wants to prepare an azmiyat then he will have to find the Isma-e-husna associated with the first huruf of the name. If a person’s name is Ahmed, his Ism will be Allah. 
The Ism-e-Ilahi should be chosen in such a way that they are in accordance with the name. Or else it should start from the same initial as the person’s name. This will ensure that the person will not be punished by the moakkils.

Such an Ism-e-Ilahi can also be selected which has the same meaning as the person’s desire. For example, if a person’s name begins with ‘aen’ and he desires to be popular amongst the masses then he should recite Ya Azeezu.

I am showing to my readers a chart by which they can select a suitable Ism-e-Azam according to their name’s initial alphabet.

In case the first alphabet of the name dos not match then you can take the last alphabet also. For 
example, if a person’s name is Sadiq, his last alphabet will be qaaf. This person can search for an 
Ism-e-Azam that begins with qaaf, such as Ya Qahimu.

Amel soname contact

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assalamo aleyka
dear brother,i have a question,why some times for find ism azam,also you must calculate of name of mother of that person,and after,together with the value of two ,you divide by 28 mansions of moon,and you now your mansion moon,.
can you explain more
my email

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