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Thursday, October 18, 2012



(Chapter no- 4)

Assalam oalaikum,

If the zakat of any ayat is to be given then the total time available is of 120 days or 3 chille. The total number of times the amal has to be read is 52347. One has to read 436 times daily. On the last day the recitation will be 28 times more, i.e.436 times.
In zakat Qamar al-noor start from Thursday. You should face the Qibla and ignite incense. After the chilla gets over you should give nyaz. You can feed innocent children. This fatyah should be given in the name of Huzur Paak (saw) and the moakkilat of the ayat.
After giving the zakat you can help out people.
The advantage of giving zakat akbar is that the amil can give the permission of making tazeez and giving zakat of ayaats to others. However, if an amil gives the permission of making taweez or giving zakaat on ayaats to others after giving zakat asghar himself, his zakat will get over. His zakat will get transferred to the person whom he gives permission. Consequently, the amils hard work will help others in making their amal successful whereas his he himself will be left powerless.

This problem does not occur if the amil gives zakat akbar. In this case the amil’s own zakat will remain intact and also the person’s to whom he grants permission. The amil who gives zakat akbar can give permission to as many people as he wants but his zakat will not get depleted.

If you want to make a taweez of any Quranic ayat, you may have to find out the value of that ayat first of all. Then you will have to make the taweez according to that value.
For the convenience of my readers I have mentioned the values of the Quranic Surahs:

                   SURAH VALUE                            AL-FATEHA 9461  AL-BAQARAH 947609  AL-IMRAN 184956  AN-NISA 1139393  AL-MAEDA 848546  AL-ANAM 935329  AL-ARAF 253592  AL-ANFAL 412375  AT-TAUBAH 52861  YUNUS. 550108  HUD 514781  YUSUF 503970  AR-RAAD 244692  IBRAHIM 245818  AL-HIJAR 17670  AN-NAHAL 520188  BANI ISRAIL 38613  AL-KAIF 505517  MARYAM 289644  TA-HA 399283  AL-AMBIYA 382219  AL-HAJJ 382344  AL-MOMINUN 351714  AN-NOOR 402457  AL-FURQAAN 209575  ASH-SHOHRA 403738  AN-NAMAL 340962  AL-QASAS 407120  AL-ANKABOOT 275297  A-ROOM 269977  LUQMAN 159000  AL-SAJDAH 113332  AL-AHZAB 355258  AL-SABA 253419  AL-FATIR 242773  YA-SEEN 2593  AS-SAFAAT 264754  SAD 229337  AZ-ZUMAR 306585  AL-MOMIN 368524  HA-MEEM 245837  ASH-SHURA 201339  AZ-ZUQHRUF 260697  AD-DUKHAN 97793  AL-JATHIYA 150153  AL-AHQAF 73774  MUHAMMAD 180655  AL-FATAH 188828  AL-HUJRAT 102892  QAF 109736  AD-DHARIAT 119544  AT-TUR 94183  AN-NAJM 94183  AL-QAMAR 114374  AR-RAHMAN 120450  AL-WAQIAH 102965  AL-HADID 198924  AL-MUJADILAH 34237  AL-HASHR 133461  MUMTAHANAH 101350  AS-SAFF 59060  AL-JUMUAH 61525  AL-MUNAFIQUN 53256  AT-TAGHABUN ----  AT-TALAQ 824012  AT-TAHRIM 49232  AL-MULK 99594  AL-QALAM 93708  AL-HAQQAH 81719  AL-MA’ARIJ 73525  NUH 74314  AL-JINN 60633  AL-MUZAMMIL 68466  MUDHATHTHIR 92355  AL-QIYAMAH 54607  AL-DAHAR 77588  AL-MURSALAT 70634  AN-NABA 52656  AN-NAZIAT 67253  ABAAS 51314  AT-TAWQIR 38299  AL-INFITAR 36745  AL-MUTAFFIFIN 48707  AL-INSHIQAQ 28846  AL-BURUJ 32155  AT-TARIQ 17765  AL-A’LA 17704  AL-GHASHIYAH 37457  AL-FAJR 89092  AL-BALAD 24283  ASH-SHAMS 19499  AL-LAIL 26666  AD-DUHA 13322  AL-INSHIRAH 12416  AT-TIN 10247  AL-ALAQ 22841  AL-QADR 8311  AL-BAYYINAH 31223  AL-ZILZAL 19966  ADIYAT 13354  QARIAH 13464  TAKATHUR 103670  ASR 4740  HUMZAH 8341  AL-FIL 5859  QURAISH 6304  AL-MAUN 9353  KAUTHAR 2754  KAFIRUN 2832  AN-NASR 6124  AL-LAHAB 5826  AL-IKHLAS 1002  AL-FALAQ 8677  AN-NAS 5296

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Anonymous said...

Sir i have read your many blogs on blogspot ,actually i am a practitioner of spirtualism, i do such practices of meditation but i am not so punctual, ive read many books on spirtualism especially Lohe Qalam by Qalandar baba, and many others.. now all i want is to get some help to open my 3rd eye, i want to see spirtual world , but i dont want to do AMALS, i want instant help, i hope u are sincere and faithful person and u will help me for the cause of ALLAh`s will.. to do good,
i want to share some details,., actually our family is under heavy black magic effect, we tried many Amels and Kamels, but did not get any result, my 2 younger brother are like abnormals, their age is 12-13 and 20-21 they cant even eat themselves nor do anything else, their symptoms are really black magic effect,
NOW ALL I WANT IS TO DO SOMETHING MYSELF, BECAUSE I HAVE FAITH THAT I CAN DO THIS, I CAN CONTROL THE SPIRTUALISM, i do many practices like Reiki, energy control, PSi energies i meant, holy light meditation and many more , now i just want some holy help to open my 3rd eye instantly so do some good stuff with my family and others..i hope u would have understood what i tried to tell u, sorry for my bad english,

Anonymous said...


Assalamu alaikum.I want to be amil oh Allah subhanallah tala name "Allah" and the huruf " alif".
After being amil,I can remove my problem with help of angel,muwakkil also I can be friend of them.
Please help me regarding this issue.

1.which way I could recite "Allah & alif" ? many times I have to recite ? many days I have to recite ?
4.which way I will give zakat ?

Please give me proper guidance.I am waiting for your reply.

noor said...

Asalam-O-AlaikuM bro i hope u r fine and shine sir i am a notmal person i got a murshid but i think he is not a kamil peer can u pls help me and accept me as ur student i wanna know about u and i want to get ilm ruhani
With regards

Ahmad said...

Slm Amel,

I've been reading through your blog and I find it ‎mind blowing. All these years I've always thought you have to be somewhat of a special breed to do such work, you have made so much clear to me, I thank you immensely.

My name is Ahmad, I've always been in darululooms after darulooms, I've reached to Bukari (final year) twice, and did not complete!
I currently reside in South Africa.
I am married with two toddlers.

I would like to learn so much more from you, I can phone you at anytime you wish to speak to me for as long as you deem necessary.
I understand I am utilising you irreplaceable time, so what ever compensation you require I will not hesitate.

Please reply with your contact number and a convenient time I can call.

Anonymous said...

surah kusar ki kabber zakat bato bhai jani
mara koi usta nai hai help me my whatsap numer03075152513

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