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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


(Chapter no- 22)


Assalam oalaikum,

There are moakkils who are associated with the Quranic verses, Ism-e-Azam and all the huruf. When recitation is done the associated moakkil comes into action and they help the reciter. 

However, in the field of amalyat, the moakkils amal implies that the amils do parhez jaamali and jalali to bring forth the moakkils and then command them to do certain works for them.

Like the humans, the spiritual entities, i.e. the moakkils also love their freedom and they try every trick in the book to escape from the clutches of the amil. They try to scare the amils with horrifying visuals and other tricks to scare him or distract him or dissuade him. However, if the amil is steadfast and courageous and if his will power does not weaken by the cunning ploys of the moakkils, the moakkils have no other option but to accept the amils command. Once the moakkils are brought under control they tell the amils about the way by which they can be summoned by the amil again, whenever they are needed.

In order to do the amal ba moakkil- parhez jalai and jamali has to be done. The hygiene factor has to be kept in mind as well.  The room in which the chilla is being done should be absolutely clean and incense sticks should be lighted to keep the room fragrant.

The place which is selected for doing the chilla should be secluded. It should not be frequented by people. The moakkils like cleanliness and fragrances. The amil should wear clean clothes and his thoughts during the amal should also be pure. He should not allow any filthy thought to enter his mind otherwise the moakkils may get enraged and give rajat/punishment.

Time is a very important factor in doing amals. An amil has to be very punctual about his amal and he has to do the amal on the same time every day. If he gets late in starting his amal, then the moakkils may not wait for him and they may leave. A slight delay in the amal by the amil can destroy it completely. So if an amil wants to complete his amal successfully, he should always do it on the same time throughout the stipulated time of the amal. 
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