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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


(Chapter no- 21)


Assalam oalaikum,

There are 7 types of moakkils:

Moakkil alwi jamali: It is comparatively easy to take help from this type of moakkils. However, only those people can take help from them who have faith in Islamic monotheism. Even amongst the practicing Muslims not every one can take help from them. In order to take advantage of the spiritual powers of moakkil alwi jamali, one has to be very kind and generous and a lot of charity work has to be one.

Moakkil alwi jalali: These types of moakkils are very powerful, hot-tempered and possess a fire element. Bringing them under control is quite difficult. The amil has to do tark-e-jamali and tark-e-jalali to take help from them. The amils who succeed in doing both the types of abstinence can bring them under control and are often hot-tempered. When the amils bring such moakkils under their control the amils also get influenced by the moakkils. Consequently, as many of us might have noticed that certain amils get irritated very easily.

Moakkil sifli jamali: This type of moakkils can be easily brought under control by the black magicians on some easy conditions. These moakkils can be brought under control by a person belonging to any faith. These moakkils co-operate with the magicians and do not object to doing any evil task that the magician assigns to.

Moakkil sifli jalali: Though these types of moakkils are jalali yet their power is less when compared to their alwi counterparts. The latter can burn them to ashes if they will. Even if they hordes of sifli jalali moakkils attack the alwi jalali moakkils they cannot cause them any harm. This is because the sifli jalali moakkils are made of fire. And they are a kind of jinnat whereas the alwi moakkil jalali are made up of Noor. So they are much more powerful than the sifli moakkil jalali. The sifli moakkil jalali are used by the magicians to do all sorts of evil things such as inflicting pain on someone, to out someone in trouble etc. These moakkils are totally evil and bringing them under control can put the magician in an awkward position. These moakkils can be appeased only when the magician does all sorts of evil things in life. They are very fond of women and they compel the magicians to present their mother, wife or sisters before them for sex. The magician has no alternative but to obey them. When the magician gives them the permission, these moakkils visit his wife/sister at night for sex. Those women are unable to comprehend exactly what happens with them because all this evil activities take place at a spiritual level. Once the sifli moakkils gets satisfied he tells the magician that he is ready to do anything for him.

Moakkil Qudsi: Bringing this type of moakkils under one’s control is a Herculean task. They are more powerful than any of the above mentioned moakkils. These moakkils are formidable and it is very difficult for a person to be able to handle them. It is only the Wali-Allah who are powerful enough to handle the moakkil Qudsi. The Wali-Allah keep fast continuously for long period so they gain a lot of spiritual power. Therefore these moakkils surrender only before the Wali-Allah and obey them. They belong to the group of the alwi moakkils.   

Alam-e-burzagh dwellers: These are made up of Noor. They can appear before people even after their death. However, not everybody can take help from them. They are inaccessible to the living people except the Buzurgs.

Mohtaroon: This is a very powerful spiritual entity which can take help from the worldly moakkils. Taking help from such mohtaroon is beyond the capacity of junior amils.

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