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Thursday, October 18, 2012



 (Chapter no- 7)

Assalam oalaikum,

Sometimes there is a lot of confusion regarding the name of a person, which is required for doing an amal. This is because some people have their names changed many times. Besides this there are many people who may have two names, one real and the other pet name. 
It should be kept in mind that the original name which is found in the birth certificate will be considered. If the name has been changes so the changed name which is mentioned in the birth certificate will be counted. The name which is mentioned in the school certificate will also be considered authentic for being used in amalyaat.

Sometimes people have different names in the business circle. Their business anme becomes popular and their partners/clients know them by that name. However, this name will not be considered in amalyaat as it is not their original name. 
For example, if a man named Umair is known in his business circles as Khan sahib so this business name cannot be used by an amil.
The names of some women are changed after they get married. For example if a girl named Sameena gets married and her in-laws change her name to Mehjabeen, then the first/original name will be used and not the second name.
 If the in-laws of Sameena change her name during her nikah to Mehjabeen and get this name registered on the nikan nama, then the second name can be used
If the name of an emplyee is know but his mother’s name is not known then the name of his company/business can be used along with his name so that the he can be easily identified. For example: Ifa man named Nadeem Ullah Khan holds the post of RSM in Pesi Co., so his name can be used in such a way: Nadeem ullah Khan, RSM, Pepsi Co.
I am showing you the way in which the name of the mother is to be written while making a taweez. For example- if the name of a man is Azeez and his mother’s name is Amreen so you will have to write ‘bin’ in between the man’s and his mother’s name: AZIZ BIN AMRIN
N  A  M  E

In case of a girl ‘binte’ is written instead of ‘bin’. For example if a girl’s name is Sumaira and her mother’s name is Rahima then her name will appear as follows- Sumaira binte Rahima.

N  A  M  E

 When you find out the numerical value of a person’s mother’s name there is no need to add the value of bin or binte
The value of caste, title and family should not be added. For example if a person’s name is Chawdhary Aslam then the value of chawdhary will not be added to Aslam’s name.
If a person’s name is Shahid Khan then only the valu of Shahid will be considered and not that of khan because khan is not his name. It refers to his caste  
Similarly, if a person’s name is Umair Butt so the value of Butt will not be considered.
In case of a woman named Rahima bibi the value of bibi should not be considered.
A woman’s name was Hamida but after her marriage her husband’s name was also added to her name. So her name became Hamida Rashid. In this case this changed name will also work. 

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