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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


(Chapter no- 18)


Assalam oalaikum,

The entire field of amalyat revolves around the moakkils. But who are these moakkils? Do they belong to our world or the spiritual world? Are they jinnat or angles? Let us try to explore…

The first characteristic of the moakkils is that they are not visible to the human eye. They are amongst the Creation of Allah (swt) and obey His Commands. If they find that a person has shaped his entire life according to the Quranic teachings and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), they are draw closer to such a virtuous person.

The second characteristic of the moakkils is that Allah (swt) has created them from Noor. Being Noori, they are free from every sin. They are not lured by worldly pleasures and they totally abstain from any kind of temptation. They worship Allah devotedly. Because of their noble and pious nature, they are immensely powerful, in a spiritual sense. Hence, bringing them under control is beyond anyone’s reach. They can help out an amil only if they get appeased by him. It goes without saying that such spiritual entities can only be appeased through Allah’s worship of the highest form.
There is a misconception that the amils can bring the moakkils under their control, like they can control the jinnat. However, it is simply not possible for an amil to catch a moakkil in a bottle like they can do to jinnat. The moakkils are far too powerful to be trapped in a bottle by an amil. At the most they can help a pious amil who manages to appease them and they can fulfill his legitimate demands.

The moakkils are called alwi moakkils because they are alwi or kind. They help an amil only when the amil molds his entire life according to the Islamic principles. If there is any flaw in an amil’s worship or devotedness then they will never surrender before him. However, if they notice that an amil is spending his life in a religious way and he has been following the Quranic injunctions and the Sunnah dutifully, the alwi moakkils will automatically draw closer to such an amil and agree to help him.

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