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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


(Chapter no- 27)


Assalam oalaikum,

Azimat is that particular amal through which an amil summons the moakkilat. The amils establish contact with the moakkils through various azimat and a fixed formula as a result of which the moakkils help the amils in various worldly and spiritual matters.

If the Isma-e-moakkilat is not mentioned in the naksh or amulets, the moakkils do not co-operate with the amil. Therefore the azimat have to be read to obtain the help of the moakkils.

In azimat the Isma-emoakkilat and the supporters are given command and an oath. Consequently, the work of the amil gets done very quickly.

Azimat of love
Azimat of dissent
Azimat of bringing forth the lover
Azimat of killing


Azimat of love
Azimat of separation
Azimat of dissent
Azimat of blocking dreams
Azimat of making the enemy tongue-tied
 Azimat of separation
Azimat of destroying love between two people
Azimat of love
Azimat of preventing adultery
Azimat of love
Azimat of expelling an enemy from his house of city.
Azimat of ailments
Azimat of destroying someone
Azimat of dominating the enemy

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Unknown said...

your web site is very good and the best.on the internet: May (Allah)help you in all your
life bless you, the work you have don for everyone
please allawo me to read your azimats for mokelat.thanks jaza kallah:

Unknown said...

Amel Sahab mujhe dargah ke jo mokel hote hai un se dosti karni hai...koi tareeqa bataye...jis se mere kaam chalo hojaye...

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