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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


chapter no 29


Assalam oalaikum,

Rijal –ul-ghaeb are budala or awlia which have been mentioned by Prophet Mohamamd (saw) in many ahadith.
‘If any one of you loses his animal or his camel in a lonely place where there is no one in sight, let him say, “O servants of Allah, help me, for verily he will be helped.” (Ibn Abi Shayba’s Musannat-7:103)
Rijal –ul-ghaeb are the unseen mardan Khuda which are involved in every mater such as embarking on a journey, performing wazaaif, chillas or taksir of jinnat etc.
Rijal –ul-ghaeb are involved in every activity of an amil and play a significant role in the field of amalyaat.
The angels, as we know, have been assigned various worldly duties. For example, Hazrat Mikaail is in charge of the rains. Likewise the Rijal –ul-ghaeb are in charge of the spiritual world of amalayat. They circumambulate around the earth and there are specific dates on which they appear in particular directions.
Before starting an amal, meditation or while making an amulet one should find out the current direction of the Rijal –ul-ghaeb. If they are right in front, this is considered to be negative or harmful for the amil. No work should be done during this position.
An amil should turn his back towards them while doing an amal otherwise the amals will backfire. 
The correct method of interacting with them is to find out their direction. Then one should greet them with assalam oalaikum and then ask them for help. The salam should be said in a standing position with a hand on the chest to show respect to them.
I am granting the permission for doing this amal and reading the following prayer:

After saying salam to the amil should sit down in the direction in which the amal has to be done.

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