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(Chapter no- 3)

Assalam oalaikum,

The planetary aspects can create a powerful effect on Rehmani ilm. In an amal two types of abjad can be used, one is lunar and the other one solar. Though the solar abjad are more powerful than the lunar abjad, yet it is the lunar abjad that are more commonly used by the amils. The Moon does not possess any light of its own and reflects the solar light. In spite of its comparative weakness people are hardly aware of the more powerful solar abjad.
The lunar abjad absorb the amal quickly and yield quick results too.

This is the chart of lunar abjad:

This is the solar abjad:

This is the abjab Malfozi:

Solar Abjad yield results so quickly that the results become visible even before they are completely written by the amil. Since the Sun is very hot so the solar abjad also have a hot effect. On the other hand the lunar abjad are related to the Moon so they also have a cool effect like the Moon. If the amil happens to err during an amal Qamari so he does not face rajat or punishment by the moakkils.  
Hence, abjad qamari are commonly used in the field of amalyaat. On the contrary if an amil does a blunder while doing an amal shamsi, then his life can be in danger because the moakkils of the abjad shamsi are hot-tempered and they do not tolerate any mistake on the part of the amil.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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assalamu allaikum warrahamatullahi ta aalaa wabarakaatuhu. we always pray to Allah to bless you and give you more energy to continue the good work you are doing. in fact God will reward you massively for this work enlightenment. Sheikh I have been following your training and is been very useful and educative and I will have like to have the PDF version of the training to continue the spiritual journey.

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