Tuesday, October 16, 2012


(Chapter no- 31)


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post I shall discuss about the amulets and sadqa related to the rijaal-ul-ghaeb according weekly.
When an amil sets his focus towards rajaal-ul-ghaeb he should read the Durud and the prayer for rijaal-ul-ghaeb. Then the amil should express his desire in whatever language he wants. Inshallah, the desire will be fulfilled by the Grace of Allah (swt).
If the rijaal-ul-ghaeb are hostile, then the amil should give the sadqa so that nothing untoward take place.

The type of sadqa that I am going to mention here is on Tuesday and Wednesday, towards the north, facing the south. If the need arises to do an amal facing this direction then it should be permissible.
The amil should eat little bit and then cook rice in a utensil and give sadqa. After this the chilla should be started. Inshallah nothing untoward will happen.
On Mondays it is towards east. In such a condition the face is towards west. During this phase if the rajaal-ul-ghaeb is in front then do not begin any new work. If some new work has to be started urgently then do so only after looking at a mirror.

On Sundays and Fridays the rajaal-ul-ghaeb is towards west, and the direction of the face is towards east. If any new work has to be commenced during this period then before starting the work a huge 40 paan (betel leaf) beeda should be eaten

On Thursdays it will be towards South and the face will be towards northern direction. If some new work has to be started immediately during this period then eat some yogurt. Inshallah nothing untoward will happen to you.

 Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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