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(Chapter no- 8)

Assalam oalaikum,

   The first huruf of a name helps us to find out the tabae.

Atishe are called the Noorani huruf
Badi are called Zulmani huruf

If a person who does an amal is Ahmed, so the first huruf of his name is alif. In case he does an amal of Surah Fateha (the first huruf of which is alif too) so the amal will be successful.

If a person named Javed is doing an amal of love on a girl with the help of Ism-e-Azam Ya Allau, his amal cannot be successful because there is enmity between atishi and aabi.

There is friendship between baadi and aabi

Likewise there is friendship between khaki and baadi

Atishi and baadi have friendship because without air fire cannot be lighted without the existence of air.

Atishi and khaki soothe each other.

Atishi and aabi are enemies because fire can be extinguished with water

Baadi and Aatishi are friends

Baadi and aabi soothe each other

Aabi and khaki are neither enemies nor friends. They are neutral.

It is essential that the first huruf of the amal should be matched properly so that the amil can get success

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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