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 (Chapter no- 9)

Assalam oalaikum,

The huruf can be divided into two broad categories-benefic and malefic. Those huruf which are related with the benefic planets are called benefic /saad huruf and those related with the malefic planets are known as malefic/nahis huruf.

I am now going to tell the readers about the relation between the huruf and the 7 planets with the help of a chart.

The first huruf of the name ‘Ahmed’ is alif, which is atishi and the first huruf of the name ‘zeenat’ is ze, which is abi. Since there is enmity between atishi and abi so love cannot happen between such people. In such cases, either the names can be changed or else special amulets are made with the help of Jafari techniques. Another method is to prepare two different set of amals, one atishe and the other abi.
If the two people belong to opposite natures, such as atishe and abi, the month of one person should be considered and the time of sun rise in the constellation of the second person.

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Amel Soname

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