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Chapter no- 5)

Assalam oalaikum,

In huruf Taji there are 28 alphabets altogether. In Urdu there are some extra alphabets such as che,te etc. I am showing a chart to my readers so that my point becomes clear.

In place of jeem, che will be used and in place of gaaf, kaaf will be used
The adat of humzah depends on its use. In some places it sounds like alif, in some others it sounds like chhoti ye whereas in some other instances its value is not added
For example: In the name Ataullah, hamza is instead of alif, so the value of hamza wil be 1 here
In the name Jibrael, the value of hamzah will not be counted
In the name NoorunNisa, hamzah is in the end hence its value will not be counted.
  In Rais, hamzah comes before ye. So the value of ye will be taken two times
Zer, zabar, khada zer, modraat and pesh do not have any value.
If a person’s name is Ghafoor, then the value of kaaf will be taken in place of gaaf, i.e. the value of gaaf will be 20, the value of fe will be 80, the value of wao is 6 and that re is 200. The value of the name Ghafoor is 306. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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