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(Chapter no- 11)

Assalam oalaikum,

I am going to discuss the topic of parhez/abstinence jalali in this post and why is it essential. It is important to know when the amil should be doing parhez. When the amil does a jalali amal he needs to be very careful. If he does a single mistake, he will end up in serious trouble. His life can also be at risk. The moakils do not tolerate any kind of misdemeanor on the part of the amil because of their fiery (atishy) nature. They imediately punish the amil who irks them and can kill him also. So parhez jalali and jamali are extremely important for an amil.

If an amil begins an amal in a place which has a stench, the moakkils are sure to punish him because they are fond of fragrances and foul smell can irk them.

Here is a list of things which should be avoided by an amil to protect him from rajat:

Fish, meat, eggs, onions, garlic, honey, vinegar, radish, asafetida, dried dates, musk, amber, all dry fruits, betel leaf (paan), sesame oil, condensed milk (khoa), cigarette, beedi, gutkha, niswar, intoxicating things like alcohol, cocaine etc, leather products should not be even touched, drink water from a river only, avoid wearing clothes made from animals such as silk, fur etc, avoid using knives made of elephant tuskers and horns of reindeers. Shoes and socks should be strictly avoided, avoid hair-cuts and shave, do not cut your nails, avoid sexual intercourse, do not sleep or even lie down on other’s bed, avoid socializing, maintain wadhu always, if possible observe fast, take a bath daily and wear unstitched clothes, there should not be bleeding from any part of the body, avoid plucking fruits from trees, do not shave hair from any part of the body besides the arm-pits and the pubic hair and lastly, avoid mounting a horse and an elephant.

Now I am going to discuss the other parhez, i.e. parhez jamali.
The moakkils of jamali amal are kind-hearted and merciful. They do not punish the amil severely if he does some mistake during the amal jamali. They try to escape from the clutches of the amil, undoubtedly, because like everybody else, they also value their freedom. However, they are not harsh, intolerant and fiery like the moakkil of amal jalali. 

During an amal jamali avoid meat, fish, onion, vinegar, garlic, sexual intercourse; sweetmeats and yogurt. Dry fruits and mustard oil can be consumed in case there is no doubt about their purity.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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